Work from home in India       is India's oldest Work from home jobs providers operating since 2007 and active till today. We began our business by offering Offline Data Entry, Data Conversion, Medical Transcription, Home based call center and other similar BPO works procured from International and Domestic Clients.
Over the Years the Landscape for BPO has changed and simple data entry works for elibrary has exhausted due to completed digitization and use of Advanced Automated OCR technology which can convert data without typing.

As one of the pioneers in Home Based Jobs in India we continue to serve our customers by offering online jobs now. The Internet has grown by leaps and bounds, the online advertising and SEO are now multi billion dollar business globally. This has created opportunities for Individuals to make money by being part of the Internet Industry.  We have been operating in the Internet Industry as publisher, content creators, advertising service provider, SEO, Web designing / development, Domain Registration and Hosting provider. We own and operate Multiple web properties like - Indian Social Network, and - Leading Classifieds websites. - Indian social Bookmarking site, - Hosting / domain registration and web development service provider, - homestays listing directory, - consumer complaints forum and many other properties.

earn knowledge, not just money with our step by step plan

We have developed a step by step plan that provides guaranteed work and Income. Our step by step guide makes you a true internet professional by providing you knowledge about Internet Marketing, Online Advertising, Search Engine Optimization and other domains. Even if you decide to stop working for us you will be experienced enough to work for any other organization. We ourselves refer our customers to other avenues so that they can earn from other sources as well. 

What sets us apart from other companies that claim to offer home jobs is our knowledge and experience within the Industry. The Job availability is Guaranteed because its in house, apart from working for our clients you will be working for our own Internet properties. 

Available Jobs.
We provide every kind of Online job that can be done without specialized knowledge, there are huge variety of work that can be done if you a basic knowledge of English, people with good knowledge of english can earn significantly more.
Below are some of the Jobs which we will be providing with comprehensive step by step training.

Adposting Jobs. Work involves posting classified ads in free classified websites. There are more than 5000 classified websites in India itself. Your work involves copy pasting the ads that we will provide. 

Commenting work. There are millions of blogs floating on the Internet, and your job is to simply post comments in these blogposts. 

Facebook and Social Network Jobs. Facebook, twitter, gplus and other similar social networks are today used by websites to gain traffic. Every day 1000s of interesting links, articles, pictures are shared on social networks. Companies spend millions to advertise on these networks. You can get paid to share interesting news, or pictures or videos on your facebook wall. You dont have to post rubbish links, you post links to the best articles and pictures that you like. For every page like or every link shared you get paid. There are more than 1000 such social networks on which you can earn. 

Social Bookmarking Jobs. Social bookmarking sites like or are news sharing sites where interesting news articles are shared. You can get paid for sharing links on these site. After you have signed up it takes just a few seconds to post links. You get paid everything you share a link on these website.

Article writing. If you are good in english, you can earn a substantial income by writing articles. You can either work as a content creator by writing articles on our properties or we can guide you to start your own blog through a step by step guide. We own a domain registration and hosting company so we can setup your blog and guide you to become a blogger earning lacks every month. 

There are many many more works that we will provide like free unlimited online data entry (captcha solving), SEO, forum posting, signingup with websites, answering questions on Question and Answer sites, sharing pictures, videos and articles on our websites, we will also guide you to other sites from where you can earn by doing similar works. 

We wont throw all the jobs at you, we will first train you to be a professional, you will earn as you learn. 

Why are we doing this?
Its simply more profitable for us to have workers working from their home, its called crowd sourcing. Its not practical to house 100s of employees to do these kind of jobs, its more profitable when they are doing from their home. We have internal demand for these work, plus we have clients who outsource the work through us, so there is no shortage of work.

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